Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help Me Choose a Book Title!

Book Two of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy is written (first draft at least) and is undergoing reviewing and editing. And I'm tired of calling it Book Two. It needs a title! I have several I'm considering, but want to seek feedback before I decide. After all, I need to get working on a cover.

In picking a title, I'm focusing on the following objectives:
  1. To be consistent with Crimson & Cream (aka Book One), I'd like a three-word title with '&' as the middle 'word.'
  2. As with Crimson & Cream, alliteration would be nice (i.e., same first letter in first and third words).
  3. It obviously needs to be relevant to the book, which is something you won't be able to judge, but all my contenders have at least a subtle tie-in to the story. If you'd like to get a feel for the imagery I've envisioned for Book Two, check out my Pinterest Board: Volume II Teasers.
  4. I'd prefer the title not be similar to (or the same as) another title, especially books that are recent, very popular, or in the same genre.  Smoke & Mirrors and Cloak & Dagger were in consideration, but I dropped them because of several other same-titled books (and the potential to appear too cliche).
This is the short-list I'm working with (in no particular order). Any feedback (positive or negative, or other ideas) would be appreciated.
  1. Mirrors & Mist (or Mist & Mirrors, depending if one or the other has a better 'ring' to it).
  2. Shadow & Sorrow (or Sorrow & Shadow).
  3. Regret & Revenge (or Revenge & Regret - one already-existing but potentially obscure book).
  4. Gloaming & Gloom (or Gloom & Gloaming).
As a reward for participation, I'll send you a coupon for a free Crimson & Cream e-book if you provide feedback (a vote, an opinion, an insult--whatever).

And, if you're looking for my usual Pinterest display, the new changes at Pinterest have made it more difficult to embed images (probably on purpose), so until I figure that out, or find a suitable replacement, I'll be blogging image-free (once I run out of my own artwork, that is).  Below is an image I made of the map of Tythania; the land of Crimson & Cream:

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