Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Update & More Free Stuff

It's been a few months since my last 'quarterly' update, so today I'll revisit some of the self-publishing topics I've discussed previously, and mix in a few goodies to boot.

Regarding ebook reviews, of the approximately 75 free review requests I solicited from bloggers and review websites, I've received seven reviews (you can find them here).  The latest one was posted just yesterday at You Gotta Read Reviews. While positive overall, the reviewer provided some detailed constructive criticism that I hope to apply to Volume II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy.

Speaking of book two, I've finished the first draft and am currently editing chapter by chapter. Right now, I'm going through chapter seven, with chapters one through six in pretty good shape. Total word count sits at 63,000.  I'm continuing to self-edit using both Pro Writing Aid and AutoCrit, although I must say, I still favor the free tools available at Pro Writing Aid over the subscription package at AutoCrit.  I'm also still struggling with the book title. I think I may post the contenders here and try to get some feedback.

Regarding Google Play, I submitted Crimson & Cream to be sold on their website. It took roughly two weeks to go 'live,' but Crimson & Cream is now for sale on Google Play (no sales yet). I'll admit, there are some things  about the Google Book Partner Program I'm having trouble figuring out. For example, why the cover for the book isn't showing up on the store, and why the price has been discounted from the $2.99 I specified to a reduced price of $2.51. When I find the answers to some of these issues, I'll let you know.

I've updated my Links for Indie Writers page, which features a collection of websites I've used and found helpful in my indie writing endeavors (including the links featured below).

Novelnook is still plugging away, although their group funding campaign seems to have stalled. I'm not sure what this means for Novelnook in the near future, but I hope it's a hurdle they can overcome. As the big guys continue to gobble each other up (I'm looking at you, Amazon), I'm pulling for the little guys to carve out their niche.

Now for the free stuff;  here are some links where you can find free ebook downloads online:

Project Gutenberg                                           Bartleby

Page by Page Books                                         Classic Reader

Read Print                                                           Fiction.us

Classic Literature Library                              SF & Fantasy Books Online

You can also get a free copy of Crimson & Cream if you promise to post a review somewhere.  Just let me know if you're interested.

Before I sign off, I wanted to solicit some feedback on upcoming posts. Of the following topics, which (if any) would you like to see me blog about next?:
  1. Wattpad;
  2. Vote for your favorite title for Volume II of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy;
  3. Online dictionary and thesaurus resources;
  4. More information about Google Play;
  5. More comparisons of free online editing software; and/or
  6. Another 'Just for Fun' post of cool not-necessarily-writing-related websites.
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