Friday, December 14, 2012

Write, Write, Write. Right!

One of the many blogs I follow is Lindsay Buroker's, which in itself is an excellent read, but today had a guest post by Collin J. Earl, who wrote, among other interesting things, the following lines that struck a chord with me:
"You need to write. That is the key, writing, writing, writing. Content, content, content. You’ve got to do it. I cannot say it enough. That is the one thing that has not changed in the last five years. You want to be a paid author, (I don’t say successful because there are different definitions) I mean a paid author – one who makes money off of books, you need as much content as possible."
I've found myself spending more time on my facebook author page, blogging, Google+, Goodreads, Shelfari, et al, as opposed to focusing on writing the second book of The Oxbow Kindgom Trilogy.  Not to say that I'm not writing--I am.  Book II is open on my desktop right now, and is around 27,000 words in a first draft, which is not bad, considering I starting writing book two in earnest about two months ago.  Obviously, I'm not on a NaNoWriMo pace, but still, it's coming along.  However, my goal is to pick up the pace at the cost of some of my self-marketing efforts.  Collin's article made a lot of sense to me. As obvious as it is, finishing the entire trilogy will do more for selling my books than all the social media marketing I could do.  After all, intuitively, as a reader, I would be much more likely to start reading a trilogy once I knew it was actually completed.

So that's my plan;  scale back a touch on the social media promoting and spend more time getting words on the page.  After blogging for almost five months now, I think a post a week is an output I can maintain, and if you're reading this now, you can expect new content here at least once a week, for now, and into the near future.

Switching topics with this not-so-subtle segue, another blog I read is We Blog Better, which had another good article on the obvious.  I've given you the link (above) if you care to check it out, but the gist of the latest post was that if you want your readers to interact with your blog, SAY IT!  So here goes, PLEASE POST HERE!  Drop me a comment on the bottom of this post and I guarantee I will respond.  Have a question?  Let me know.  Suggestions?  Love to hear 'em.  Complaints?  I feel your pain.

In striving for consistency, I'll leave you with another sample of my Pinterest page.  Take care!

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Write, Write, Write. Right!

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