Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reviews for Indie Books

Book reviewers are a hot commodity these days.  With hundreds of thousands self-published books all craving attention, book reviewers have been flooded.  As one of those authors with an attention-starved book, I've been scouring the internet for reviewers, and I've found quite a few.  Today, however, I stumbled upon a really great site I wanted to share with you here.

But first, a little soap-boxing from me.  As the self-publishing boom with it's resulting feeding frenzy for book reviewers hit, there have been some casualties.  Bad apples have made the path for the mature, professional, well-behaved self-published author a little tougher.  Due to bad indie author behavior, many reviewers have stopped accepting self-published books.

So, before tearing off on these links and requesting a hundred reviews, please, please, please remember to read the review policy.  Can't find it?  Look harder, it may not be in an obvious or easy-to-find place, but most reviewers have one, somewhere.  And if they don't, so be it, but at least commit to the due diligence of looking for it.

All right, I'm stepping off the box.  Here's a blurb from the website I was so excited to find:
As an indie/self-published author, getting a book review can be very difficult. . . . At the Indie Book Blog Database you can find hundreds of well-established book blogs that will read and review your books for free! That’s right for free! You may not get your books reviewed over night, many of the reviewers here get flooded with review requests. One thing you have to remember: This is a free service and many reviewers do this for a hobby.
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Title : Reviews for Indie Books
link : Reviews for Indie Books

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